SLT/PTA/Title I Committee

School Leadership Team / Parent Teacher Association / Title I Parent Committee

School Leadership Team / Parent Teacher Association / Title I Parent Committee

As per Federal and State Law, Cascades is proud to have an active School Leadership Team and Parent Teacher Association. All parents and guardians of Cascades students are automatically enrolled as members of the Parent Teacher Association. All are welcome to attend our meetings which occur monthly at 4:30 PM. Please contact the school to confirm the upcoming meeting. (646) 654-1261.
Additionally, elections are held for offices such as:
President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Title I Representative

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What is a Title I Parent Committee or Council?
Title I is the largest federal aid program for elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. Schools that are receiving Title I funding must have an advisory committee or council that represents parents of participating Title I children. The Federal Title I program requires that parents participate in the development of the school’s Title I parent involvement policy, program, and budget. In addition, parents should participate in the development and evaluation of their schools’ Title I programs, including their budgets, and of their plans to support the needs of students with limited English proficiency and those with disabilities. In New York City, about 70% of schools are eligible for Title I funding.

What is the role of the Title I Parent Committee or Council?
Title I schools should have Parent Advisory Councils (PACs). PACs represent the parents of students who participate in the school’s Title-I programs. In schools where the Parent Association or Parent-Teacher Association (PA/PTA) has taken on the responsibility for representing the interests of parents whose children participate in Title I programs, the PA/PTA President must regularly consult with the parents and ensure Title I is included in the meeting agenda. The goal of Title I parent advisory committees and councils is to ensure the involvement of Title I parents in school life, and to support active partnership with other members of the school community. Title I committees and councils must be consulted regarding the use of Title I funds in the school, and must be involved in the development of the school’s Title I Parent Involvement Policy and Parent School Compact. Schools are required to hold regular meetings at a time convenient for parents, including an annual meeting where information about Title I funded programs and other related issues are discussed and shared.

How can I join my Title I Parent Committee or Council?
All parents of Title I participating students are eligible to join their school’s Title I parent committee or council. For specific information on how to get involved, ask your school principal.

For more information, consult the Title I Parent Advisory Councils bylaws.