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I love Cascades. I had zero motivation to go to school but at Cascades I look forward to going to school and being around fun positive vibes. They treat you like adults and make you feel wanted. The principal and the teachers treat you with a lot of love. You won’t regret transferring to Cascades, you will love it here. You get all the support you never knew of from your old school here at Cascades. -Mercy, C/O 2020

Cascades has helped me more than my last school. There are always teachers and other people here to support me, and motivate me to come to school and do good. There is therapy with a person that comes for one period. You should transfer here because its very motivating.  The teachers teach well and make sure we are learning. I feel welcomed and comfortable in Cascades High School. -Kenia, C/O 2021

Cascades High School helped me learn new things and provided me an opportunity to graduate. They offer everyone help and support and opportunities to move forward.  If you are looking for a good transfer school this would be the best school. -Daniela, C/O 2020

Cascades allows you to complete classes on iLearn, allowing you to get credits faster than just going to the actual class.  Come to school and actually do the work and you will graduate. -Michael, C/O 2020

The teachers and staff don’t give up on me no matter what.  There is no point in failing because Cascades gives you so many opportunities and chances you should just do what’s right . -Janiris, C/O 2021

Cascades has made it easier for me. They are helping me and putting in the time to help me get my credits faster.  They care outside and inside of the school building. -Shyanne, C/O 2021

They give us a good amount of time to finish our work and support us a lot if we need help in lessons down to the littlest detail. The lessons are put in ways that are educational and fun. -Mina, C/O 2021

Cascades is a really good school for kids who need a more flexible, hands on approach. They can help you graduate earlier or work school to adjust to your needs.  This school is the best public high school if you are willing to put in some work and meet Cascades in the middle. -Leilani, C/O 2020

Cascades helped me a lot.  They take their time to help you and make sure you get the work.  Just go in there and get your work done.  There are good people all over the building if you need help. -Blake, C/O 2020

Cascade High School has helped me by putting me in the right track to life. One thing that Cascades does differently that other schools don’t is stick to their word.  For example, my teachers check up on me and make sure the work is clear for me to understand. This school has different opportunities for us to get involved such as clubs and internships.  One piece of advice I’ll give to a future Cascades student is take the online work seriously, and make sure you get the work on time done. Cascades makes the work fun and easy. - Ashley, C/O 2020

The way Cascades’s has helped me is amazing. Compared to other schools I would say the workload is if not the same somewhat less, which puts less pressure on you to rush and finish assignments. But it is a very good school and I definitely would recommend it.  My one piece of advice I cannot stress this enough..Doooooo your online classes and study sheets. Do them they will benefit you in the long run. -Tavarie, C/O 2020

Cascades has a great helping policy. They will help you graduate as soon as possible. It’s a great place to get your credits faster and everything.  Take the advice the teachers and staff tell you.-Malika, C/O 2020

The classes are much more easy going than my previous school. The teachers are always willing to help the students with any issue they have, whether it be academically or personally. The CAMBA office allows students to take up opportunities they didn't know were an option, such as getting a job or help with college. The teachers also take time to be friendly with the students, which make the class environment much more relaxed and fun. If you're struggling at your current school and looking for a chance to improve your grades in a different school, then I would recommend Cascades.  If you have any issues or something to ask, don't be shy to ask for help from either the staff, principal, or any of the teachers. -Taufiqul, C/O 2020

Cascades helped me by always having faith in me. Cascades takes their time with you while teaching you. -Leaha, C/O 2020

I consider this school as really good and it has a friendly staff compared to other schools. The helpful supports are amazing teachers are always aware and if they see you struggling they help you a lot to understand and succeed, and finally I would recommend others students to transfer here because the environment is really good, people are mature and responsible.  A piece of advice I will give is to do your work on time to not struggle at the end. -Kelvin, C/O 2021

The principal and staff have things in order and care about the well being of your child. And also have kept in contact through this pandemic in working towards keeping their students on the right track.  Dont be afraid to ask questions or express your concerns. Cascades staff and principal are there to help.       -Aricellis, Parent C/O 2021

Cascades has all the benefits of a small school. They also implement creative incentives to keep the students motivated (fun trips and monthly prizes of things they want, like fancy earbuds!) and you feel that they really care. My son was at a large, specialized HS which he liked, for two years, but he didn't thrive until he got to Cascades. He's excited about the Cascades Internship Program.  Show interest in your child's assignments, and the work they're doing in their classes, and keep the lines of communication open between you, your child, and their teachers -- my son is definitely more motivated after a quick chat with an encouraging teacher. - Magda, Parent C/O 2021

Cascades has help my daughter in many ways. The staff are very supportive, emotionally and academically. My daughter had no hope on finishing HS . She showed great motivation after she started at Cascades. If I had the opportunity I would have my daughter attend that school again.  Get involved and don’t give up on our kids. Support the school and teachers in helping the kids. - Jennifer, Parent C/O 2020

I love this school because the teachers are very involved with the students education. They help my child by bringing the best in him. They show much care and they work with the students sometimes even one on one basis. In some schools the principal's just carry the titles. They can never be seen, and you cannot talk to them either because they are always "in series of meetings and busy" but not the one in this school. She calls when there is a concern. She picks up calls, she returns calls and meets with parents when need be. Thank you Ms Sheehan.  -Anastasia, Parent C/O 2021

Before Cascades, my son was giving up on graduating. There, he met teachers and staff that he felt understood him. The teachers and counselor contacts me, just to see how he is doing. They supported him with his weaknesses and encouraged his strengths. They provided several programs and ways to complete credits. I feel that the Cascades environment gives students a different perspective about completing their education. It’s not just about tests and good grades, it’s about exploring yourself, your interests and being prepared. That’s what got my son excited about his future. Attending Cascades made him feel that he was actually ready to build a successful life for himself.  When your child knows that you are involved in their education, they too become even more involved. Stay connected.               -Nathalie, Parent C/O 2020 and C/O 2021